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Village Mall at Hillcrest 

Village Mall at Hillcrest Condominiums
Est. 1973
150-38 and 152-18 Union Turnpike
Flushing, NY 11367

"Your Eyes, Ears, and
Voice of Village Mall at
Hillcrest Condominiums"

The Village Mall Residents Association is a group of homeowners and residents  overseeing the governance, management, and operation of our condominium community.

Founded in 1995, our mission is to ensure the integrity and fair governance of Village Mall and to enhance our quality of life and the value of our property.

We are not the Board of Managers nor are we associated with the property management company. We are an independent group serving as "Your Eyes, Ears, and Voice" of Village Mall Condominiums.

FEATURES lists the many attractive features of our property as well as apartment sizes. COMMUNITY describes our neighborhood
and important contact information.

We embrace every opportunity for positive change and look forward to your observations, input and support.